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St. Cuthbert's Organ

The Organ of St. Cuthbert’s Carlisle has for many years stood in the Shadow of the 4 manual Cathedral Organ just around the corner. However the visitor that enters St. Cuthbert’s would be surprised to find such a large fine instrument within its walls.

Not much is known about the early Organs or their builders.  The first record that can be found mentioning an Organ is 1826 the Builder is unknown and this organ was placed on a gallery. In 1842 the organ was rebuilt by the Hill firm. In 1866 the Organ Gallery was removed and the Organ erected at the rear of the West gallery, it is not known who carried out this work.  In 1884 the Organ was again moved from the West Gallery to the North Chancel.
In 1904 the firm of Norman and Beard built a new Organ in the North Chancel and the old Organ was sold.  In 1933 the Organ was rebuilt and electrified to a design by the then Church Organist and Choirmaster George Dixon, the Choir Organ at this time was moved from the North Chancel to the South Chancel.

Since 1933 no rebuild has been carried out but various minor works have been done.  Over the past 20 years the organ has been tuned and cared for by Brian Brighton.

In past years the organ would have accompanied a Choir of Men and Boys for regular Sunday services, but since the demise of that Choir the Organ has been used to accompany Congregational services.  In 2007 a new Church choir was formed and now on most Sundays the Organ can again be heard accompanying Choral services.

The Organ is used for many concerts throughout the year, and for teaching and practice.

The Console is under the North gallery attached to the Main Case the stops are tabs and all thumb pistons are double touch.  Pipes on both the North and South side of Chancel are hidden behind Grilles.

Organ specification 1933 John Compton

Pedal Organ
Acoustic Bass - 32’
Open Wood - 16’
Sub Bass - 16’
Bourdon - 16’
Octave - 8’
Flute -  8’
Fifteenth - 4’
Trombone - 16’
Double Trumpet (from swell) - 16’
Tromba (from Great)  8’

Choir Organ
Contra Gamba - 16’
Lieblich Gedeckt - 8’
Dulciana - 8’
Suabe Flute - 4’
Piocolo - 2’
Clarinet - 8’
Tromba (from great) encl - 8’
Octave Tromba (from great) encl - 4’

Great Organ
Bourdon - 16’
Open Diapason - 8’
Small Open Diapason - 8’
Hohl Flote - 8’
Principal  - 4’
Quint Flute - 2 2/3
Fifteenth - 2’
Tromba enclosed - 8’
Octave Tromba enclosed - 4’

Swell Organ
Open Diapason - 8’
Rohr Gedeckt  - 8’
Echo Gamba - 8’
Viole Celeste - 8’
Principal - 4’
Fifteenth - 2’
Mixture - lll
Double Trumpet - 16’
Trumpet - 8’
Horn - 8’
Oboe - 8’
Clarion - 4’

Swell to Pedal
Swell to Choir
Swell to Great
Swell Octave to Great
Swell Octave
Swell Suboctave
Swell Unison Off
Swell Octave to Choir
Swell Suboctave to Choir
Choir to Great
Choir to Pedal
Choir Octave
Choir Suboctave
Choir Unison Off
Great to Pedal

3 expression pedals Swell, Choir, Cresc
6 thumb pistons to Great
7 thumb pistons to Swell
4 thumb pistons to Choir
Thumb pistons for Sw-Ped, Sw-Gt,                  
Gt – Ped, Ch – Ped, 16ft ped Trombone
General Cancel thumb piston